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· 6 min read

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) provides you with the means to describe the infrastructure for your Azure applications. This includes storage accounts, virtual machines, Azure SQL databases and a lot more. On a project I'm working on we're using it to describe the layout of an Azure Service Fabric cluster but we decided to start using it for all resource groups.

· 3 min read

One of our customers runs on Azure Service Fabric (SF) which is backed by a Virtual machine scale set (VMSS). We had a connectivity problem recently and one of the developers enabled remote debugging on the SF cluster to see what went wrong. Little did he know that (among other things) a large number of additional TCP ports are opened on the cluster load balancers to allow debuggers to attach.

· 2 min read

I was looking at options to run some PowerShell scripts in Azure and my first idea was: why not start a Windows Server Container with the right PowerShell modules and run the scripts there? Turns out there are better options for running PowerShell scripts in Azure ([Azure Automation Runbooks][1]) so I did not continue on this path but this is really cool technology and I learned a few things so I thought: let's write this down.