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· 8 min read

In [part 1][1] of this post I described how to solve the first part of the problem: making sure the JWT token we got from ADAL JS gets sent to the server (i.e. the SignalR hub). Part 2 describes how the server extracts the token, validates it and creates a principal out of it. In another post I already described how to configure an Owin middleware pipeline that does exactly this: via UseWindowsAzureActiveDirectoryBearerAuthentication (and if you Google this extension method you'll find a lot more information).

· 6 min read

In October 2014, Vittorio Bertocci introduced ADAL JavaScript. This library makes it possible for single-page-apps to use Azure Active Directory authentication from within the browser. ADAL JS uses the OAuth2 Implicit Grant for this. The introductory blog post and an additional post when v1 was released explain in detail how to configure and use the library.