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· 3 min read

One of our customers runs on Azure Service Fabric (SF) which is backed by a Virtual machine scale set (VMSS). We had a connectivity problem recently and one of the developers enabled remote debugging on the SF cluster to see what went wrong. Little did he know that (among other things) a large number of additional TCP ports are opened on the cluster load balancers to allow debuggers to attach.

· 5 min read

Spring Cloud Config server is a Java-based application that provides support for externalized configuration in a distributed system. A number of external configuration sources are supported like the local file system, Git or HashiCorp Vault. For this post, I use a Github repo as my configuration source. Centralizing configuration on a source control repo has several advantages, especially in a micro services architecture:

· 2 min read

I was looking at options to run some PowerShell scripts in Azure and my first idea was: why not start a Windows Server Container with the right PowerShell modules and run the scripts there? Turns out there are better options for running PowerShell scripts in Azure ([Azure Automation Runbooks][1]) so I did not continue on this path but this is really cool technology and I learned a few things so I thought: let's write this down.

· 2 min read

I was struggling for about an hour getting debug logging to console working in ASP.NET Core so I thought I should write it down. I got tricked by the default appsettings.json and appsettings.Development.json that get generated when you run dotnet new.

· 4 min read

I'm developing a smoke tests app in Go that tests a number of services (Redis, RabbitMQ, Single Sign-On, etc) that are offered in the marketplace of a CloudFoundry installation at one of our customers. These tests produce simple JSON output that signals what went wrong. Now the customer has asked for a dashboard so the entire organization can check on the health of the platform.

· 10 min read

A customer of ITQ is running [SDL][1] [Tridion][2] content management software and has asked us to deliver a proof-of-concept of running a Tridion website and the Tridion 8.5 micro services on Pivotal CloudFoundry. This post is a journal of my attempts of deploying the [SDL Web 8.5 Discovery Service][3] on CloudFoundry.